Wednesday 23 Jul 2014
Janes Defence Weekly

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With global media networks reporting from around the world 24/7, there is no shortage of news from conflict areas. The problem is, much of this news is biased and designed for the general public.

People working in the defence industry need accurate information to help lay the groundwork for decisions that are not only strategically timed but underpinned by an expert knowledge of events on the ground. This is where IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly can help you.

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Whether your focus is equipment, forces, organisations, business, markets or geopolitics, IHS Jane's is the authoritative source. No other organisation offers a comparable breadth of coverage or depth of proven expertise. That's why IHS Jane's is trusted by clients from more than 180 countries worldwide to provide the latest news and most penetrating analysis.

Stay expertly informed and get the latest news on hot topics. With IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly you keep abreast of capabilities, costs, delivery dates and more - all with an eye sharply focused on your own procurement or development plans.

Gain an inside knowledge of military and commercial defence activity across your region and throughout the world by subscribing to IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly.

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“I enjoy Jane's Defence Weekly because it helps me stay up to date with defense news and technology."
Deputy Chief, Weapons Division, Air Force Staff & Units

“I use it to update myself and my counterpart on world military news - procurements and developments.”
First Secretary, Defence & Security

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